Our School Portrait Business is different. It’s Customized. It’s Current. It’s Local. It’s exactly what you’ve been missing.
WaterMARK photography believes that each school is special & has unique needs. We love serving your administrators & parents, & thrive on complimenting your students’ academic experiences.

The only photos some children may ever have are those taken at school. Why not treat them as specialized, mini-portrait sessions for students, while spoiling your staff with our quality of work, attention to detail & energy? We are a local team with more than 20 years of photographic experience. We strive to maintain our reputation for integrity, a fair price & utmost respect for our customers & community.

Our goal is to radically change the often dreaded “Picture Day”  experience to a seamless, efficient & FUN event that students & staff will look forward to. Proper lighting, professional equipment, a successful workflow & detailed logistics are what set us apart. We treat each school as if they are our only clients. We yearn to achieve long term partnerships while serving your families in an enthusiastic & professional manner. We are excited to serve you & are very thankful for your business.

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